In-person Mandarin courses

Learn Mandarin with Berlitz

As the most spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is an essential language for business, travel and cultural trends. If you want to open the doors of opportunity, its important to learn Mandarin properly. At Berlitz, our Mandarin classes focus not only on the pillars of the language, but also on the cultural fundamentals for speaking the language.

Our Mandarin Chinese lessons will immerse you in the language, so you get used to its tonal nature and spend up to 80% of your class time speaking it in conversation with your Berlitz-certified native instructor. This exposure to the language will help you gain confidence speaking, listening and understanding Mandarin in any real-world setting.

Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

With over 800 million native Mandarin speakers, Chinese Mandarin it is the most spoken language in the world. In fact, one out of five people in the world speak Mandarin. With this many people speaking the language, it is easy to understand just how important this language can be. For business professionals, China represents one of the largest economies in the world and speaking Mandarin can open up a wide range of professional opportunities. For travel, learning Mandarin can deepen your experience and understanding when visiting China’s many wonders.

In-person Mandarin classes

Your instructor will guide your classes using our proven Berlitz Method which ensures you spend most of your lesson actively speaking Mandarin through engaging conversations, quizzes and activities.

Find out if there’s a Berlitz Language Center near you and explore your in-person Mandarin class options today.

Benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese with Berlitz

1. Suit your learning style: whether you like to learn in a group, solo, with private classes, online.

2. We cater to all people, with age appropriate courses for children, teens and adults. We also offer customizable Chinese lessons for businesses looking to up-skill employees.

3. You will be communicating in Mandarin from your first class.

4. Native teachers will share stories and life experiences that can guide you to understanding the fascinating Chinese culture.