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We take the experience we’ve gained over the last 140+ years to give you the language skills, cultural understanding and confidence to open up a world full of new opportunities and enriching experiences.

Ski x Language Camp in Canada

If you are planning a winter getaway for yourself or your family, you can't miss this opportunity!

This winter, Berlitz Hong Kong collaborates with Berlitz Canada to present you with our premium skiing and language learning program for the first time. This is a unique and exhilarating experience where you can enjoy skiing at Grouse Mountain while learning English or French at our pedigreed Berlitz Center in Vancouver.

Learn a foreign language with Berlitz

Get the language skills, cultural understanding and confidence to open up your world with Berlitz. Learn Cantonese, English, Japanese, or other languages with the experts.

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Our courses are designed for adults who want to learn how to communicate effectively in their chosen language. Whether you want to travel the world, communicate with friends and family or advance in your career.

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Today’s workforce is more culturally diverse than ever, and many organizations are realizing the benefits of language training programs and implementing cross-cultural communication training programs for their employees.

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Kids & Teens

Berlitz Kids and Teens programs encourage intellectual development, introduce a global perspective, and can enhance your child’s future career opportunities.

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All our online language classes incorporate the renowned Berlitz Method, which is the first-known immersive teaching method and has proven to be the fastest language learning method available.

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Language programs for kids and teens

Discover our language and creative writing programs, specially designed to allow kids to develop their communication skills in a fun way. Our kids and teens programs are designed to get participants actively involved from the outset – through exciting role-playing activities, language games, varied exercises, and age-appropriate topics.

Berlitz self-paced online studies

Learn a language online, with a live instructor, anytime, anywhere. Instructor-led online language classes incorporate live instruction from Berlitz-certified native speaking instructors. We also offer a self-paced learning alternative, that you can access 24/7 with bite sized learning activities.

What our students say

At the start, my kids were nervous about attending class, but that soon changed. Their teachers encouraged them to learn useful expressions, learn English confidently and learn about other cultures. My kids are very engaged in their classes, as learning materials have interesting topics and contain fun games. This knowledge will ultimately help them ease into the international world.


mother of 2 kids, English

Berlitz is not just a language school. You may make global connections and learn from native speakers, but it doesn't conform to the unidirectional mode of learning known as "school". Its approach to teaching captures the multifaceted nature of a "language"; which is what draws me back, to learn 3 languages over 15 years. Berlitz has given me more than just linguistic proficiency - it's given me a passion to explore international cultures, which will last a lifetime.


German, French, English and Mandarin

The one-on-one Berlitz course was perfectly suited for my needs. I will be signing up for it again soon



...From the administration to the two teachers I worked with, I found great professionalism and quality. The two courses I had improved my knowledge from basic to a very good level...


Cantonese and Mandarin

Couldn't wish for a better or more convenient way to get English lessons - I want to thank all the instructors I had during my daily lessons! I'm very grateful as they were able to give me a lot of confidence...



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Hong Kong Language Centre

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