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Learning Cantonese in person allows for real-life immersion, practice with native speakers, and personalized instruction. This approach enhances language acquisition and leads to faster, more effective learning.

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In person Cantonese Courses - Where to Sign up in Hong Kong

At Berlitz Hong Kong, we understand that learning Cantonese can be challenging, but our in-person Cantonese classes are designed to make the process easy, interesting, and enjoyable. Our experienced teachers are native Cantonese speakers who are passionate about sharing their language and culture with others.

Our Cantonese courses are suitable for learners of all levels, from beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of the language, to advanced learners who want to improve their fluency and pronunciation. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual student, and we offer a range of courses to suit different schedules and learning styles.

One of the biggest challenges of learning Cantonese is mastering the tonal aspect of the language. At Berlitz, we focus on helping students develop a strong foundation in the tonal system of Cantonese, through exercises and drills that help them distinguish between the different tones and develop an ear for the language.

Another challenge that many learners face is the complexity of Cantonese characters. Our teachers are experts in teaching the traditional Chinese characters used in Cantonese, and they use a variety of techniques to help students remember and master them.

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, our Cantonese classes also provide plenty of opportunities for practice and immersion in the language. Our classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for students to practice speaking, listening, and reading Cantonese in a supportive and encouraging environment.

If you are interested in learning Cantonese, we encourage you to sign up for one of our in-person Cantonese classes. With our expert teachers, comprehensive curriculum, and supportive learning environment, you can develop the skills and confidence you need to master this fascinating language. And don't forget to check out our article about the key differences between Cantonese and Mandarin to learn more about the unique aspects of Cantonese!

Cantonese Instructors

Our Cantonese instructors receive extensive training that covers a wide range of topics including language acquisition, teaching techniques, classroom management, and cultural competency. The training program consists of both theoretical and practical components, and is designed to prepare instructors to deliver high-quality language instruction using the Berlitz Method®. Our instructors are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a positive and engaging learning experience for their students.

Learning languages at Berlitz is easy and effective
Berlitz Proficiency Levels

It is a measure of language proficiency designed by Berlitz to assess and track student progress. Based on international standards, it ranges from beginner to expert and provides a clear pathway for language learning success

The benefits of studying Cantonese in-person

  • Immersive learning environment: In-person classes provide a more immersive learning experience, allowing you to practice speaking and listening in real-life scenarios.
  • Personalized instruction: With in-person classes, you can receive individualized attention from experienced and native Cantonese instructors who can tailor lessons to your specific needs and learning style.
  • Interaction with native speakers: Berlitz's in-person classes provide opportunities to interact with native Cantonese speakers, which can help you learn the language more quickly and effectively.
  • Cultural immersion: Berlitz's in-person Cantonese classes also offer cultural immersion activities and experiences that deepen your understanding and appreciation of the language and culture.