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Learning Korean is a lot easier with Berlitz's appropriate and professional support, face-to-face communication, and successful model.

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Immerse in Korean Culture with Berlitz's Korean Class

Join our Korean language class at Berlitz Hong Kong and embark on an exciting journey into the fascinating world of Korean culture and communication. Whether you're a child seeking a head start in language learning or an adult looking to enhance your career prospects and personal growth, our Korean classes offer a range of benefits that will enrich your life.

Benefits of Learning Korean:

  1. Cultural Connection: Learning Korean opens doors to Korean culture, including music, movies, literature, and traditions. Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korea's rich heritage and global influence.

  2. Career Advancement: As Korean businesses expand globally, proficiency in the Korean language becomes a valuable asset. Acquiring Korean language skills can enhance career opportunities in diverse fields, such as business, tourism, international relations, and more.

  3. Personal Development: Learning a new language, such as Korean, stimulates cognitive abilities, memory, and problem-solving skills. It also enhances cross-cultural understanding and fosters open-mindedness, providing you with a broader perspective on the world.

Korean Language and Chinese History: Korean shares a historical connection with Chinese, making it an accessible language for Chinese speakers. The Korean writing system, known as Hangeul, was created based on principles similar to Chinese characters. This historical background simplifies the learning process, allowing Chinese speakers to grasp Korean more quickly.

Learning Materials and Berlitz Method Integration: At Berlitz Hong Kong, we integrate the renowned Berlitz Method with the Sogang Korean language learning materials. The Berlitz Method focuses on immersive and conversational learning, allowing you to develop practical communication skills from day one.

The Sogang Korean series provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening comprehension. With engaging exercises, multimedia resources, and authentic cultural content, the Sogang Korean materials ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience.

Our experienced instructors, trained in the Berlitz Method, create a dynamic and supportive learning environment. They will guide you through interactive activities, role-plays, and real-life scenarios to practice your Korean language skills effectively.

Join our Korean class at Berlitz Hong Kong, and let us help you unlock the doors to Korean language proficiency, cultural enrichment, and personal growth. Start your journey today and explore the wonders of the Korean language and culture with Berlitz! Book a consultation or trial lesson with us today!

Learning Korean at Berlitz is easy and effective

The Korean alphabet, Hangul is very easy and is considered to have the most logical system of writing in the world. It's phonetical letters make Korean pronunciation very logical because you pronounce everything that is written. With the Berlitz Method, you will be able to speak Korean fluently in no time.

Learning languages at Berlitz is easy and effective
Customized Korean classes for adults and children
Customized content, learn what you're interested in

Whether you are learning Korean for TOPIK, traveling, or to better understand the lyrics of K-pop songs and subtitles of K-drama, we can customize the course content for you.

Features of Berlitz's Korean Course

Learn Korean fast and effectively

Build Your Fluency Fast

The effective, conversational Berlitz Method of learning a language guarantees fast results in your Korean learning journey.

Customized Korean class for adults

Customized Content

Each program is customized for individual needs for the most effective and efficient outcome.

Berlitz offers Korean cultural understanding in the lessons

Cultural Understanding

Berlitz offers the cultural understanding that is needed to truly connect with Korean, and interact according to cultural values and norms.

Berlitz Learning Cycle

When you inquire about building your Korean skills and cultural understanding with Berlitz, you’ll follow a few steps to help us define your learning path to ensure you’re matched to the correct proficiency level and can quickly progress towards your goals.

Learning cycle for learning languages
Berlitz Korean Learning Materials- Sogang Korean (1A-3B)
Learning Materials for Conversational Korean

Sogang Korean (1A-3B)will be used in lessons to provide a comprehensive approach to Korean communication and contemporary culture. You will learn Korean grammar structures and vocabulary through authentic dialogues and put them to good use right away with our instructor's guidance.

We have Korean lessons available to suit all levels and ages

Japanese and Korean courses for adults in Hong Kong

Conversational Korean

Focus on one-on-one conversation training, allowing students to gradually improve basic Korean communication skills through real dialogue.

Language classes in Hong Kong for adults

TOPIK Preparation

Help you prepare and pass TOPIK I/II test and master advanced Korean skills by teaching you test-taking skills and strategies.

Language learning classes for children

Korean for kids and teens

Learn Korean fun and easily through online games, videos, songs, books, posters, flashcards and worksheets.

Language training for employees

Korean for companies

This language course is ideal for you if you want to learn Korean as a company or for select employees or executives.