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Traditional face-to-face language instruction offers your employees a very personalized learning experience. Whether you wan to polish your language skills, adapt or improve them for business settings, you can visit any of our centres around the world or our instructors can come to your offices.
Creating a comprehensive corporate language training program enables your employees to be more productive and effective. Berlitz's language and cultural training courses are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Whether you need individual language lessons for senior executives, group courses offered on site or intensive private language training for employees moving abroad, we can provide packages and plans that are catered to you and your business.
In Berlitz Hong Kong, we provide language training for business in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish.

Corporate language training options

All Berlitz language training programs are based on the proven Berlitz Method and are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers. Berlitz face-to-face programs include both private and group instruction, plus an accelerated private program for fast results.

Berlitz business private instruction offers the greatest flexibility and personalisation. It is custom-designed to meet each individual’s language learning objectives and schedule. It can include specific topics, related to the industry and specific goals. With the instructor’s undivided attention, the individual spends half the time speaking and the other half listening—so he or she will be learning 100% of the time. Individuals can progress at their own pace and receive immediate, specific feedback from the instructor

Berlitz business group instruction is an economical way to provide language instruction for teams or co-workers who are at similar proficiency levels and who have the same needs and objectives. Groups are kept small for personalised attention to each participant. To maximise your employees’ productivity, the Berlitz instructor can come to your site.

Business online language training brings live instruction to your desktop using the same proven-effective Berlitz Method and course materials as traditional face-to-face instruction. Learn more about Berlitz Online Language Courses.

Benefits of Berlitz language training

We carry out a clear and precise analysis of your learning needs: what your goals are, what your situation is, and identify your strengths and capability, so you have a very clear understanding of the skills that you need to develop. 

Intensive speaking time in every class
All language classes are private or in small groups, meaning you get more speaking and learning time with the instructor and your peers. No matter what language you are learning, the Berlitz Method will immerse you in the new language and its culture from the beginning, leading to faster and more effective results.

Instant personalised feedback
To achieve a balance between fluency and accuracy of expression, we give you the opportunity to practice the language freely. As you do so, we give you pointers and tips on how to improve, so you gain the confidence needed in expressing yourself.

Learn in your learning style
We work with you during lessons to find out how you prefer to learn and how you learn most effectively. Your personal learning strategy thus becomes part of the course. The choice of course materials also follows this principle and is based on your needs.

No-one is overwhelmed or under-challenged on our courses; instead, every student is always involved in the lessons according to their own personal learning level. This guarantees fast progress and keeps you motivated.

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