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English: Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking
  • Carefully-guided lessons develop the language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success. Using authentic and relevant content from National Geographic, including videos, charts and other infographics to help students to work effectively and confidently in an academic environment.
  • Age Group: 9-12 years old 
  • Schedule: July and AugustTwice a week, 1.5-hour/session, total 6 sessions. 
  • Fee: HK$2300/participant 
English Speaking Class

Using National Geographic learning materials, our English speaking class covers a variety of engaging topics to help children practice and improve their speaking skills in interactive and real-life contexts. Students will learn self-introduction, discuss toys and sports, explore cool jobs, discover local dishes, celebrate festivals, and share childhood experiences. These lively lessons aim to enhance their language skills, build confidence, and develop cultural awareness.

  • Age Group: 6-8 years old
  • Schedule: July and August, twice a week, 1.5-hour sessions, total 6 sessions
  • Fee: HK$2300/participant
2024 Summer English classes 暑假英文寫作班
Cultural and Language Learning
Spanish Classes
  • Our Spanish class offers an immersive experience combining language learning with cultural exploration. Through engaging games, lively conversations, and interactive activities, students will discover the beauty of the Spanish language. Additionally, they'll experience the vibrant culture by learning about traditional customs, festivals, and everyday life in Spanish-speaking countries. This comprehensive approach helps develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a fun and dynamic environment.
  • Age Group: 4-10 years old
  • Schedule: July and AugustTwice a week, 1.5-hour/session, total 6 sessions.
  • Fee: HK$2740/participant 
Summer Spanish classes for kid and teens. 暑假西班牙文興趣班
Cultural and Language Learning
Japanese Classes
  • Explore the fascinating world of Japan through language lessons, traditional crafts, anime drawing sessions, and fun cultural games. This comprehensive course is designed to immerse students in both the language and culture of Japan.
  • Age Group: 4- 10 years old
  • Schedule: July and AugustTwice a week, 1.5-hour/session, total 6 sessions.
  • Fee: HK$2740/participant  
2024 summer Japanese classes for children 兒童暑期日文班
French Classes

Provide an immersive learning environment for children, blending interactive and fun activities to teach French. Through games, songs, and stories, students will grasp basic French in an enjoyable atmosphere. Additionally, they will learn about French culture, such as French cuisine and festivals, enriching their language skills and cultural awareness.

  • Age Group: 5-14 years old
  • Schedule: AugustTwice a week, 1.5-hour/session, total 6 sessions.
  • Fee: HK$2740/participant  
2024 summer French classes for children

Foreign Language Courses for Kids and Teens

At Berlitz, we believe that learning a new language can open up a whole world of possibilities. That's why we are thrilled to offer our Kids and Teens' Foreign Language course, where children and teenagers can learn English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, or Mandarin in a fun and engaging way.

Our course is designed to help young learners build a strong foundation in their target language while making the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. Our experienced instructors use a variety of techniques, including games, songs, and storytelling, to help children and teens learn the language in a natural way, just like they learned their native language.

Our instructors are all native speakers of the language they teach and have extensive experience working with young learners. They understand the unique challenges that children and teenagers face when learning a new language and are skilled at creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Our Kids and Teens' Foreign Language course is flexible, with both online and in-person options available. This allows families to choose the format that works best for them and their busy schedules. Additionally, we offer flexible scheduling options, so you can find a time that works for your child's schedule.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized learning experience for each of our students. Our instructors work closely with parents and students to identify learning goals and create a customized plan to help each child achieve their language learning objectives. Whether your child is a beginner or has some experience with the language, our course is tailored to meet their unique needs and help them achieve fluency.

Join us at our language learning school and let your child embark on an exciting language learning journey that will open up a world of possibilities. With our Kids and Teens' Foreign Language course, your child will gain not only valuable language skills but also a lifelong appreciation for language and culture.

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