10 English Phrases About Holiday Withdrawal

10 English Phrases About Holiday Withdrawal

It's entirely possible that many students will experience the "post-vacation blues" as our summer break comes to an end (oh no!). Yes, we're referring to the depressing feeling you get as your long holidays come to an end. In this blog post, we're getting right into some cool English idioms that'll make discussing how you feel a breeze. These English phrases are all about "holiday withdrawal" and they'll make it easier for you to return to your normal routine.


  1. Holiday Withdrawal:

Imagine this: you're on cloud nine during your vacation, and then BAM! Reality hits you like a ton of bricks. Holiday withdrawal is basically the bluesy, nostalgic vibe that sneaks in when your vacay ends, and you're back to the old grind of daily life and adulting responsibilities. It's like going from "Woo-hoo!" to "Boo-hoo!" in a snap!


"After our amazing trip to the beach, I'm suffering from severe holiday withdrawal now that I'm back in the city."


  1. Post-Vacation Blues:

You're back home, and suddenly, you're not feeling the vacation vibes anymore. That's where "post-vacation blues" swoops in. It's like your emotions took a rollercoaster ride from vacation euphoria to "meh" reality. By the way, "post-vacation blues" and "holiday withdrawal" are like two peas in a pod. People often use them interchangeably because they both capture that emotional dip after an awesome vacation. So, whether you call it the blues or withdrawal, we've all been there!


"I always experience post-vacation blues when I return home after a fantastic adventure."


  1. Vacation Hangover:

You know that feeling when you've partied all night and woke up with a colossal hangover? Well, guess what? After a super fun trip, you can also get something we like to call a "vacation hangover."This isn't your typical headache and nausea, though. It's more like feeling completely wiped out, both physically and emotionally. It's as if all the fun and adventure drained every ounce of energy from you. So, don't be surprised if you find yourself yearning for a vacation from your vacation!


"I have a serious vacation hangover after our week in Disneyland. I need some time to recover."


  1. Back to Reality:

Alright, now picture this: you're leaving behind the tropical paradise, the beachy breeze, and the total freedom of vacation mode. And where are you headed? Yep, you got it—back to reality. "Back to reality" is that phrase we use when we're reluctantly diving back into our regular routine and responsibilities. It's like going from a world of endless adventure to the daily grind, and let's be honest, it can feel a tad disappointing. But hey, chin up! There's always another vacation to plan.


"Leaving the tropical paradise and coming back to reality is always a bit tough."


  1. Wanderlust:

Wanderlust is that insatiable itch for adventure, the burning desire to explore new places and experience the world's wonders. It's the little voice inside you that whispers, "Hey, there are still so many places to see!"


"Even though I have post-vacation blues, my wanderlust is already pushing me to plan my next trip."


  1. Souvenir Blues:

You're back home, unpacking your bags, and you stumble upon those precious souvenirs you collected during your trip. Suddenly, a wave of nostalgia washes over you, and you can't help but feel a tad bit melancholic. "Souvenir blues" is that nostalgic feeling you get when you look at souvenirs from your trip. They remind you of the good times you had.


"Every time I glance at the seashell I collected on the beach, I get a case of souvenir blues."


  1. Jet Lag:

Jet lag isn't just for international jet-setters; it can hit you emotionally too. It's that disoriented and tired feeling caused by a sudden change in time zones.


"I not only have post-vacation blues but also jet lag from that long flight home."

  1. Reentry Shock:

Reentry shock is like stepping into a cold shower after a cozy vacation. It's that uncomfortable feeling of disorientation when you return to your everyday life and responsibilities.


"The reentry shock hit me hard when I had to go back to the office after my tropical getaway."


  1. Vacation Hangover Cure:

Think of it as your personal vacation therapy. It's all about the things you do to bounce back from the emotional and physical exhaustion that often comes after a great trip.


"My vacation hangover cure involves looking through photos from the trip and planning my next adventure."


  1. Escape Artist:

This term affectionately describes someone who's always plotting their next great getaway, like your friend who magically turns ordinary weekends into epic adventures!


"My friend is a true escape artist; she's always planning her next journey to beat those post-vacation blues."


These English phrases should help you articulate your post-vacation feelings more effectively. Remember, it's entirely normal to have holiday withdrawal or experience post-vacation blues. But the good news is, you can always plan your next adventure and feed your wanderlust!

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