How To Use English To Order Drinks At The Bar Like A Pro


Today, we're stepping into the lively world of bars to help you master the art of ordering drinks with confidence. Whether you're in an English-speaking country or just want to impress your English-speaking friends, we've got you covered with commonly used English terms, phrases, and sentences for ordering drinks like a pro!

  1. Start with a Greeting

When you approach the bar, a friendly greeting goes a long way. You can simply say:
  • "Hi, how are you?"
  • "Hello there!"
  • "Good evening!"
  1. Ask for the Drink Menu

To see what's available, you can ask:
    • "Could I see the drink menu, please?"
    • "Do you have a drinks list?"
    • "What kind of beverages do you offer?"
    1. Ordering a Drink

    When you're ready to order, here are some phrases to help you out:
      • "I'll have a [drink name], please."
      • "Could I get a [drink name], please?"
      • "May I order a [drink name], please?"
      • "I'd like to try a [drink name], please."
      1. Specify Your Preference

      If you want your drink prepared a certain way, use these phrases:
        • "Could I have it with/without ice?"
        • "I prefer it with a twist of lemon, please."
        • "Make it a double, please."
        • "Can you go easy on the sugar, please?"
        1. Check for Recommendations

        If you're not sure what to try, ask the bartender for their suggestion:
          • "What's your special cocktail?"
          • "Which drink is the most popular here?"
          • "Any recommendations for something fruity?"
          1. Confirm the Order

          To ensure the bartender got your order right, you can say:
            • "Just to confirm, I ordered a [drink name]."
            • "That's a [drink name], right?"
            1. Requesting Payment

            When it's time to pay, you can say:
              • "Could I get the check, please?"
              • "Can I have the bill, please?"
              • "How much is it?"
              1. Saying Cheers

              Don't forget to raise your glass and say cheers before taking that first sip:
                • "Cheers!"
                • "Here's to a great night!"
                • "To good times!"

                Bonus: Bartender's Responses: You might hear these common responses from the bartender:

                • "Coming right up!"
                • "Sure, one [drink name] for you."
                • "Got it! One [drink name] on the way."
                • "Enjoy your [drink name]!"

                Specific Drink Terms:

                1. Neat: Ordering a drink "neat" means you want the beverage served in its purest form, without any ice or mixers. For example:
                • "I'll have a bourbon, neat, please."
                • "Could you serve the scotch neat, without ice?"
                1. On the Rocks: If you prefer your drink with ice, you can order it "on the rocks." For example:
                • "I'll have a gin and tonic on the rocks, please."
                • "A margarita on the rocks, please."
                1. Straight Up: Ordering a drink "straight up" means having it chilled but without ice in the glass. For example:
                • "I'd like a vodka martini, straight up."
                • "A gin gimlet, please, but make it straight up."
                1. Mixer: A "mixer" refers to non-alcoholic beverages or flavored liquids used to accompany and enhance spirits. For example:
                • "I'll have a rum and coke, please. Coke is the mixer."
                • "A gin and tonic, with tonic as the mixer, please."
                1. Twist: When you order a drink with a "twist," it means you'd like a small piece of citrus peel (usually lemon or lime) added to your cocktail as a garnish. For example:
                • "A vodka martini with a twist of lemon, please."
                • "Could you put a twist of lime in my gin and tonic?"
                1. Dry: Ordering a drink "dry" indicates that you want less of the sweet or vermouth component in your cocktail. For example:
                • "I'll have a dry martini, please. Just a hint of vermouth."
                • "Make my gin martini extra dry, please."
                1. Chaser: A "chaser" is a drink served alongside a shot or a strong alcoholic beverage. For example:
                • "I'll take a shot of tequila with a beer chaser."
                • "A whiskey shot with a water chaser, please."

                Remember, practice makes perfect! So don't be shy; head to your favorite English-speaking bar and put these phrases and drink terms to the test. Ordering drinks in English will become second nature in no time!

                At Berlitz, we believe in empowering you to communicate confidently in any situation. Cheers to your language learning journey and your newfound bar lingo skills! Now go out there and impress your friends and fellow bar-goers like a seasoned pro. Cheers!

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