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Global leadership training

Global leadership training for business

Berlitz Global Leadership Training (GLT) is a suite of capability development solutions which equip global leaders with the skills they need for success.

We provide your organisation with the necessary balance of communication, intercultural agility and inclusive leadership skills to achieve their objectives in a complex global environment. We understand that speaking the language and having the cultural understanding is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Skills around contextual communication, managing diversity, inclusion, and leadership are essential to thrive.


Berlitz delivers an expansive leadership training portfolio designed to develop the skills of your teams.

  • Corporate language training for all levels available face-to-face or instructor-led online
  • Business communication sills to equip non-native English speakers to become effective leaders in the global business arena
  • Language assessment & testing in all languages, delivered in any time zone
  • Translation, localisation and interpretation in all languages with accurate and reliable results
  • Cultural coaching to identify behavioural styles that will increase an executive’s ability to effectively lead, manage, and communicate
  • International assignment programs support a successful transition for assignees and their families
  • Repatriation to leverage global knowledge and skills when transitioning back to the home office