Business English: Social Situations for Business Course

Engage confidently in professional English socializing

English Course| Social Situations for Business

Boost Your Career with Confident English Socializing at Work.

  • Class A starts on 16th October
  • Class B starts on 20th October
  • Small group online or in-person

Kids and Teens Summer Language Camp 2023

Welcome to Berlitz's Kids and Teens Summer Language Camp 2023 in Hong Kong, where your children can unleash their inner language superheroes! Our summer courses are designed to make language learning fun and exciting for children aged between 4 and 12 years old. Join us for an unforgettable language adventure filled with immersive activities, cultural exploration, and new friendships.

Each language camp course spans two consecutive weeks, with two action-packed days per week. This format ensures that your child will be fully immersed in a new language and culture, enhancing their learning experience. We offer a wide range of languages to choose from, including English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Let your child embark on a linguistic journey to discover the world!

In our English supercharge courses, your child will become a true language superhero through the dynamic and engaging programs we have created. Join The Great Writing Workshop and let your child's creativity soar as they become a master of the written word. Using National Geographic Learning published textbooks, we cover captivating global topics such as cultures, sciences, and technology development, as well as the latest global current affairs. Your child will develop their writing skills while exploring the wonders of our diverse world.

Get ready for action-packed speaking adventures with The Speaking Avengers program. Your child will conquer the world of spoken English with confidence and flair. Through interactive games, role plays, and creative exercises, they will enhance their speaking skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve pronunciation. Our mission is to help every child become an English-speaking superhero!

At Berlitz's Kids and Teens Summer Language Camp, we believe that learning a language should be exciting and enjoyable. That's why we incorporate elements of superheroes into our English courses. From the Great Writing Workshop to The Speaking Avengers your child will feel empowered and motivated as they unlock their language superpowers.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to ignite your child's passion for languages and cultures. Join us at Berlitz's Kids and Teens Summer Language Camp 2023, where every child can become a language superhero! Enroll now and let the adventure begin!

Comprehensive Course Materials:

The course employs our acclaimed Berlitz textbook. Access it digitally for convenient, on-the-go learning. Complement your studies with audio files, practice exercises, and track your progress through our student portal.

Business English: Social Situations for Business Course
Business English: Social Situations for Business Course