Berlitz-the best time for children to learn a second language

The sooner, the better

The best time for children to learn a second language

It is never too old for your child to learn a new language; however, the earlier you start, the easier it is for them.

No more rote learning
We help your child speak a new language with natural ease

Our language lessons are designed to help children learn a new language the way they did with their first-naturally.

Berlitz-learn a new language with natural ease
Berlitz IDEAL
Learning is broken down into five segments (IDEAL), each corresponding to a specific skill set

Our programs for kids and teens help students quickly improve their language skills, building confidence, improving school performance and encouraging them to strive for further success.

Language learning cycle for children

The Berlitz learning cycle allows us to ​place students into the most suitable course, track their progress, and celebrate their achievements with them.

Berlitz kids and teens learning cycle
Language tutors/instructors from Berlitz
experienced & Professional
Language Instructors

Every Berlitz instructor undergoes a comprehensive training program that prepares them to deliver high-quality language instruction using the Berlitz Method®. The training program includes both theoretical and practical components, covering a range of topics such as language acquisition, teaching techniques, classroom management, and cultural competency.

We ensure that our instructors are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective language instruction and provide a positive and engaging learning experience for their students.

Language learning puts your child at a significant advantage

  • Train their brains-Enhance cognitive skills-Studies show that speaking another language enhances problem-solving, critical thinking, listening skills, memory, concentration, and multitasking. Bilingual children also exhibit increased creativity and mental agility.

  • Well-rounded development-Early exposure to different languages results in children having a more favorable view towards the cultures associated with those languages. Learning a new language offers a unique window into the world and expands their understanding beyond their usual experiences.

  • Acquiring another language with ease-Young children who learn a second language before the age of five utilize the same brain region for acquiring the second language as they do for their first language. Furthermore, the lack of fear of making mistakes, which can be a challenge for older learners, makes language acquisition easier for young children.

What you can do to help your child

Phonics class for kids

Discover our innovative phonics class for kids. Students will learn to understand the rules of various consonants and vowels sounds, all while slowly developing correct pronunciation and reading skills.

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Language classes for kids & teens

A great way for your child to learn and have fun exploring a new language and culture. Available in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

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English reading & writing program

Strengthen writing skills by learning different writing models. Enhance vocabulary, grammar development, and writing techniques such as engaging use of verbs and imagery.

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School interview preparation

Our kindergarten and elementary interview preparation program is tailored to boost the confidence of young students as they apply for international and local school admission in Hong Kong.

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