In-person Korean courses

Learn Korean with confidence

The Korean language is spoken by more than 80 million people worldwide including in both South and North Korea, as well as by Korean-speaking minorities in China, the United States, Japan and Russia.

The Korean economy has been steadily growing, and the demand for made-in-Korea brands have also grown exponentially, particularly in the electronics, car, fashion and media industries. Hence, being fluent in Korean can give you a great advantage in your career prospects with Korean-speaking companies, either based in Korea or Korean-run offices found all over the world.

Whether you want to study Korean to broaden your career opportunities, travel to Korea with ease, study abroad in South Korea or provide your children with the advantage of bilingualism, we’ve got a Korean course to suit your needs.

Why learn Korean?

Popular across Asia, the Korean language is spoken by around 77 million people. Built around the sounds of the language (phonetics) the Korean language is one of the more easy languages to learn, and it is a great gateway language for the Asia region. Learning Korean will also vastly improve your listening and memory skills, and will give you a greater understanding for cultures outside of your own. Meanwhile, if you’re hoping to do business in Korea or work closely with Korean companies, learning the language is a mark of respect and will help you navigate the landscape in a more effective way.

In-person Korean classes

Start speaking Korean with the support of your native-fluent Berlitz instructor from your very first in-person Korean class. Located at your local language center, our in-person Korean classes will have you conversing fluently in no time at all, thanks to our proven Berlitz Method.