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Berlitz's interview class for kids and teens helps prepare them for admission interviews at elite schools in Hong Kong. Our expert instructors teach communication skills and interview techniques for success.

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Need help preparing for school interviews for your child?

Our kindergarten and elementary interview preparation program is tailored to boost the confidence of young students as they apply for international and local school admission in Hong Kong.
The program effectively helps students improve their communication skills and language comprehension in different topics and contexts, via practice with role plays and mock interviews with different native speakers. The goal is to help kids answer the interviewer’s questions in a focused, natural and confident fashion. The schedule of the interview preparation program is flexible, as private lessons may be arranged with experienced instructors from Mondays to Saturdays.

Benefits of our school interview preparation program:

  1. Confidence Building: The class can help build your child's confidence by teaching them effective communication skills and interview techniques.
  2. Improving Communication Skills: Interview classes help children improve their communication skills, such as active listening, asking questions, and giving clear and concise answers.
  3. Learning Interview Techniques: Children can learn different interview techniques, such as how to answer common interview questions and how to make a good first impression.
  4. Reducing Anxiety: Children may feel anxious or nervous during an interview. An interview class can help them practice and prepare, which can help reduce their anxiety levels.
  5. Increasing Chances of Success: The skills and techniques learned in an interview class can help increase your child's chances of success in getting accepted into elite schools.
  6. Language flexibility-3 languages in one course: Students have the option to choose from English, Mandarin, and Cantonese languages for their class, e.g a 10-lesson package, they can customize the package based on their needs by taking 3 lessons of Cantonese, 3 lessons of Mandarin, and 4 lessons of English. This provides the flexibility for students to personalize their learning experience.

School interview preparation details

Recommended age: 3 years old or above

Class size:

The course is delivered in one on one to provide the advantages of interview training skills that meet the needs of your child.

Available languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Location: Berlitz language centre

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